The CLEVA POD® is a patented void forming system for concrete slab foundations made from recycled and waste plastic. The CLEVA POD® offer designers, installers and homeowners a more sustainable foundation option.

The CLEVA POD® foundations are fully recoverable, recyclable, uses renewable resources that are locally produced, is energy and thermally efficient, has a low environmental impact, is very durable, eliminates waste, and has a very positive social impact and compared to the traditional polystyrene has an affordable life-cycle cost.

A CLEVA POD® foundation is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the building’s life cycle: from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.

The CLEVA POD® supports the green design strategy of building construction and has great potential to provide the solution for lot of environmental challenges.  Residential building foundation systems incorporating the CLEVA POD® provide the basis for sustainable building design.  The careful and responsible selection of sustainable building materials such as recycled polypropylene and construction methods such as waffle pod foundations minimise the environmental impact in all parts of the life cycle significantly.

The CLEVA POD® GREENSLAB™ is a completely recyclable foundation, significantly reducing construction waste to landfill which can be fully recovered, recycled and reused. The properties of polypropylene allow the plastic CLEVA POD® to be fully recovered from a foundation slab at the end of its life. This provides opportunities to recover/recycle/reuse the foundations concrete, steel and plastic pods from a GREENSLAB™ at the end of its life.

Building greener homes with recycled plastic

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