Recover | Recycle | Reuse | Reduce

The GREENSLAB™ encourages protection of the environment and supports sustainable construction

The CLEVA POD® is manufactured from recycled and waste polypropylene.

Unlike waffle slabs made using polystyrene pods, foundations using CLEVA PODs® can be fully recovered, recycled and reused at the end of their life cycle.

The GREENSLAB™ is a completely recyclable foundation slab, significantly reducing construction waste to landfill which can be fully recovered, recycled and reused.

The properties of polypropylene allow the plastic CLEVA POD® to be fully recovered from a foundation slab at the end of its life.

This provides opportunities to recover/recycle/reuse the concrete, steel and plastic pods from a CLEVA POD® GREENSLAB™ at the end of its life. Unlike slabs using polystyrene, which are near impossible to separate from the concrete on the demolition of the slab.